Thousands Rally Across US For Abortion Rights


US Abortion Ruling: About 3,000 people assembled in a central square in Brooklyn. New York: Thousands of activists, many in pink, took to the streets across the United States on Saturday in a national day of action calling for safe and legal access to abortion. The demonstrations are a response to leaked draft opinion showing … Read more

Abortion Rights Bill Will Be Put On Vote In US Senate. Why It Could Fail

US Abortion Rights Bill: The prospects of success of the Bill in the Senate are virtually zero. Washington: The US Senate is expected to vote Wednesday on a national abortion rights law — a process likely doomed to fail — after a leaked draft decision signalled the Supreme Court’s readiness to overturn Roe v Wade. … Read more

US Companies Are Trying A “New Generational Thing”- Talking On Abortion


US Abortion Ruling: US companies are taking a stand on the right to abortion. Washington: After carefully avoiding the taboo topic for decades, more and more US companies are taking a stand on the right to abortion, a sign of a new generation with growing influence and very different expectations than their predecessors. Mere hours … Read more

WHO Chief Amid US Supreme Court Row


According to the WHO, 25 million unsafe abortions are conducted around the world annually. Geneva: The head of the World Health Organization said Wednesday that access to safe abortions saves lives, after a leaked draft ruling indicated the US Supreme Court was mulling ending nationwide legal abortions. Without explicitly mentioning the US case, WHO chief … Read more

Joe Biden On Draft Abortion Order by Supreme Court In US


Joe Biden called on Congress to enshrine legal abortion in US law Washington: President Joe Biden has urged US voters to defend access to abortion, describing as “radical” a draft Supreme Court ruling showing a majority opinion ending the nationwide right. He warned the implications of the draft ruling could lead to widespread changes in … Read more