China pivots from ‘zero-Covid’ policy, eases more curbs | World News

Beijing: China on Wednesday rolled back more of its controversial ‘zero-Covid’ policies including allowing mild or asymptomatic patients to quarantine at home rather than at centralised facilities and doing away with nucleic acid tests (NAT) to travel within the country, less than two weeks after facing widespread protests against the curbs. The government also said … Read more

China pays respect to Jiang Zemin as former leader Hu Jintao reappears in public | World News

Beijing: China’s top leadership led by President Xi Jinping along with former president Hu Jintao, in his first public appearance since being unexpectedly escorted out from the Great Hall of the People six weeks ago, have paid their tributes to former leader Jiang Zemin who died last week, state television reported. Jiang, 96, passed away … Read more

Hackers linked to China government stole $20 million from US Covid funds: Report | World News

Millions of dollars have been stolen from Covid relief benefits by hackers linked to the Chinese government, NBC News reported. A hacking group called APT41 stole at least $20 million in Covid relief benefits that included small business loans and unemployment funds from over a dozen of states, the report said. Read more: Rishi Sunak’s … Read more

Unfair ‘gesticulation’: China says US nuclear weapons report is speculation | World News

China’s defence ministry on Tuesday dismissed a Pentagon report about the pace of its nuclear weapons programme as unfair “gesticulation” and speculation. The Pentagon said in a report last month that China would likely have a stockpile of 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035 if it continues with its current pace of its nuclear buildup. The … Read more

China continues easing Covid controls, more cities report ease of movement | World News

Beijing: Millions of people in at least 21 cities in China don’t need a negative nucleic acid test (NAT) to access public transport, local media reports said on Monday as China continues to ease its stringent Covid-19 control measures amid widespread public discontent over the curbs. More easing or “optimisation” of China’s ‘zero-Covid’ policy is … Read more