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Who Is Ashwini Revanth? Late Puneeth Rajkumar’s Wife


Who is Ashwini Revanth: The Kannada film industry was dealt with a terrible blow on Friday when it lost “Power Star” Puneeth Rajkumar at the age of 46. Rajkumar was taken to Vikram Hospital in Bengaluru on October 29 morning, after he suffered a massive heart attack while he was working out at a gym. In the afternoon, it was announced that the much-loved actor had passed away, leaving behind his wife Ashwini Revanth and two daughters- Dhrithi and Vandhitha.

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Rajkumar’s mortal remains have been kept at Kanteerava stadium where fans have been standing in long cues through the night, just to have a final glance of their beloved superstar. The National Award-winning actor was earlier going to be cremated with full state honours on Saturday. However, due to the growing crowd and the delay in the daughter’s return from the US, the rituals have been postponed to October 31. The Chief Minister of Karnataka Basavaraj Bommai while speaking to the media said that the decision has been taken after consulting Rajkumar’s family. He said that it will not be proper to have the last rites after sunset.

Who is Ashwini Revanth?

The Kannada superstar had been married forever two decades to Ashwini Revnath. The couple maintained a low public profile, however, it is claimed that the couple met each other via a common friend and courted each other for months, before Rajkumar eventually realised that he wanted to marry Ashwini.

In an interview, Puneeth had revealed that it had been really difficult for him to talk to his parents about Ashwini and his desire to marry her. “I had never spoken to them so freely and openly about such matters. It was the first time I stood before my father and told him I wanted to marry this girl I loved,” the late actor had revealed, adding that his father had then asked him to tell his mother and soon things began falling in place.

Ashwini’s parents however took longer to be convinced about their alliance, but eventually, they were on board as well.

After their wedding, Ashwini lived with Puneeth in a joint set-up, with 30 family members. While she wasn’t interested in films earlier, eventually her fascination grew and she began working as a producer for Rajkumar’s films. Many reports suggested that she even selected the actor’s costumes for his films.

Puneeth Rajkumar too had acknowledged his wife’s role in the success of his films. “She has made us what we are. She built the business and brought us thus far,” he said. According to the late actor, it was his wife’s determination, persistence and courage that have given his films a boost.

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