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The person we know as Jackie Chan, originally goes by the name Chan Kong-Sang (Fang Shilong) and was born on April 07, 1954. Jackie Chan is famous for his slapstick acrobatic style of fighting, which is colored with comic timing and innovative stunts performed by himself. Along with his active style of fighting, Jackie Chan is also distinguished as a Hollywood actor, director, and martial artist of global repute.

jackie chan

Chan is an identical film personality whose popularity is recognized both in the Eastern and Western hemispheres. He also received fame stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jackie Chan is popularly showcased across a wide range of media verticals and featured in countless songs, cartoons, movies, video games, cameos, and more. Furthermore, among his many skills, Jackie Chan is also an operatically trained vocalist who is well-versed in many popular genres like Cantopop and Mandopop. This gave him the opportunity of singing in many films that he also acted in.

Along with his shining acting career, Jackie Chan is commonly identified as a philanthropist across the globe. He is also ranked by Forbes in their list of the Top 10 most charitable celebrities. Andrew Willis, a movie scholar, had once referred to Jackie Chan as the most recognized movie star in the world. He had received many remarks and accolades throughout his life like what Willis remarked.

The net worth of Jackie Chan is estimated by Forbes to be around $350 million in 2015 whereas in 2016 he was declared as the second-highest-paid actor in the whole world.

Jackie Chan’s Wiki/Biography

Jackie Chan was born to Charles and Lee-Lee Chan, who were both refugees of the Chinese Civil War, on April 07, 1954. Chan was born in Hong Kong and was named Chan Kong-Sang. His parents were really poor and struggled to make their ends meet. It has also been documented that Chan’s parents were so destitute that they needed to borrow money for doctors’ visits.

Chan was a very energetic boy in his childhood who used to roll around, according to his parents and others, and this is the reason why he was nicknamed “Pao-Pao” (Cannonball in Chinese).

Chan’s parents were engaged in their work with the French Ambassador in Hong Kong, which is why Chan spent a major part of his childhood within the grounds of the consul’s residence at Victoria Peak district.

Jackie Chan went to the Nah-Hwa Primary school where he failed in the first year and was eventually withdrawn from the school by his parents. Chan’s father later had to emigrate to Canberra, Australia where he was appointed as the head cook for the American embassy.

This saw Chan attend a Peking Opera School known as China Drama Academy, where Chan was mentored by Master Yu-Jim-Yuen. This attracted Jackie Chan very much and he dedicatedly trained himself throughout the subsequent decade after which he emerged as a master of acrobatics and martial arts. Jackie Chan was thus included in the group that consisted of the best students of the school, Seven Little Fortunes, where he also gained the stage name, Yuen Lo, as a homage to his master.

The group also consisted of Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao whom Jackie Chan eventually befriended and together they came to be known as Three Brothers or Three Dragons.

After that Jackie Chan’s career took a new turn where he was introduced to the movies along with another dragon of his clan, Sammo Hung. They together got the opportunity to learn hapkido, a hybrid Korean martial art form from the GrandMaster Jin Pal Kim. Jackie Chan was really interested in it and went on to attain a black belt in this form of martial arts.

Jackie Chan then had to join his parents in Canberra, Australia in 1976. After they met, Jackie decided to attend Dickson College, which he briefly attended, and worked as a construction worker after that. Chan impressed a fellow builder while he worked as a construction worker and he was then taken under his wing. Here’s where Chan earned the nickname of “Little Jack”, which was eventually shortened to “Jackie,” the name that Chan is now represented with.

However, in the late 1990s, Chan decided to switch his name. He chose to name himself Fang Shilong, which was modeled on the name of his father, Fang. The Chan family descended from Fang Xuanling, a chancellor of the Tang dynasty.

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