Who Is Jasmeen Wankhede? NCB Chief’s Sister Targeted By MLA Nawab Malik

Jasmeen Wankhede: Amidst the ongoing drug case against Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede has come out to say that in the past 15 days he has been a victim of personal attacks.

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He told the media that his deceased mother, sister and retired father have also been facing attacks because of his involvement in the high profile case. The anti-drug agency officer has been under fire for allegedly visiting the Maldives during the lockdown in 2020. Nawab Malik, the minority Minister of Maharashtra claimed that Wankhede’s sister, Jasmeen Wankhede said that he had not been to the Maldives but the official himself admitted in NCB press note otherwise.

As per her Twitter biodata, Jasmeen Wankhede is a criminal lawyer at the high court and part of the Wankhede legal firm. She also runs an NGO named Durga for women & child development.

The politician also added that he will take legal action against Wankhede on this matter. He said attempts were made to implicate certain film folks in fake cases and parade them before the NCB. He also spoke of Wankhede visiting Dubai with his sister.

Wankhede in his reply said, “I’ve never been to Dubai, whatever time he’s stating that. There are mechanisms to check where a person is. So, it’s completely false. I’ve never been to Dubai with my sister – what he’s mentioning during the date and time. So, it’s false & completely condemnable” Sameer Wankhede added while refuting allegations levelled by NCP spokesperson.

Malik had released some pictures of the NCB official’s sister Jasmeen Wakhede which were shot in the Maldives with captions tagging her friends. One Fletcher Patel was also tagged who called her ‘Lady Don’.

To this, Jasmeen Wankhede hit had and asked if Malik is a judge. She said that she was on a private trip with her family and the NCP leader had no right to make her pictures public. Malik had also said that Sameer Wankhede was brought to NCB after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput and it is not clear if the actor was murdered or he died by suicide. He also demanded to probe the WhatsApp chats Wankhede to shed light on “bogus” NCB cases.

The series of allegations against Wankhede and his family members started after the anti-drug agency raided a rave party on a cruise ship in Mumbai and arrested eight persons including Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan. The 23-year-old is in judicial custody till October 30. The agency also raided the house of actor Ananya Pandey on October 21 and summoned her for questioning. The interrogation is reported to continue on Friday.

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