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Najwa Nimri Urrutikoetxea professionally known as Najwa Nimri is a Spanish actress and Singer. She is best known for her role in Spanish series La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) as Alicia Sierra. She won 45th Ondas Awards for best actress for her work in Los amantes del círculo polar & Abre los ojos in 1988 and won 69th Fotogramas de Plata for best TV actress for her work in Vis a vis (Locked Up) in 2019.

Najwa Nimri Wiki

Najwa Nimri Wiki/Biography

Nimri was born on 14 February 1972 in Pamplona, Navarre, Spain. Her mother is Basque and her father was a Jordanian named Karam Nimri. She has a brother named Karim Nimri, a half-brother named Andre Nimri and two half-sisters named Sara and Nadia Nimri. Her family moved to Bilbao when she was a child but now lives in Madrid.

Early Life

Nimri’s mother is Basque and her father was a Jordanian named Karam Nimri. She has a brother named Karim Nimri, a half-brother named Andre Nimri and two half-sisters named Sara and Nadia Nimri. Najwa also has a cousin who is a singer named (Antix) Alexander Nimier. When she was a child she moved to Bilbao and now lives in Madrid. She has one are named Teo Nabil, who was born on June 30, 2004.

Najwa Nimri Career

Her first major film role was in Jump into the void, the first movie by film director Daniel Calparsoro. Her career as a singer started with small groups. In 1996, she formed the band Najwajean with Carlos Jean. She has also released three solo albums. She was married to Daniel Calparsoro and in 2004, she had a son, Teo.

Several of her film roles won her praise: as Ana in Lovers of the Arctic Circle, and as Elena in Lucía y el sexo. Both films were directed by Julio Medem. She starred next to Eduardo Noriega in Abre los ojos, and El metodo.

She was nominated to the 33rd edition of Goya Awards for Goya Award for Best Actress for Who will sing to you.

In 2020, she returned as Zulema in the spin off Vis a vis: El oasis, starring with Maggie Civantos. She played Alicia Sierra, a policewoman inspector in La casa de papel. She voiced Kate Laswell in the 2019 video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


With Carlos Jean as Najwajean

  • No Blood (1998) – No. 80
  • Asphalt (2001) (soundtrack) – No. 175
  • Warriors (2002) (soundtrack) – No. 88
  • Najwajean Selection (2002) (compilation album) – No. 108
  • Till It Breaks (2008) – No. 20
  • Bonzo (2015)

Najwajean Singles

  • I’m Gonna Be (1999)
  • Garota of Ipanema (1999)
  • Crime (2008)
  • Waiting (2015)
  • Bonzo (2015)
  • Drive me (2016)


  • Carefully (2001) – No. 76
  • Mayday (2003) – No. 48
  • Walkabout (2006) – No. 10 (50,000 copies sold; Gold)
  • Where the volcanoes roar (2012)
  • Rat Race (2014)
  • Long Comes (2020)
  • AMA (2021)


  • That Cyclone (2001) from Carefully – No. 37
  • Following Dolphins (2001) from Carefully – No. 68
  • Go Cain (2003) from Mayday – No. 20
  • Hey Boys, Girls (2003) from Mayday – No. 26
  • Capable (2006) from Walkabout – No. 3
  • Push It (2006) from Walkabout
  • Le Tien, Le Mien (2006) from Walkabout
  • The Last Primate (2010) from The Last Primate
  • Like an animal (2010) from The last primate.
  • Where the volcanoes roar “(2012) from Where the volcanoes roar
  • We are your new guest (2012) from Where the volcanoes roar
  • Feed Us (2014) from Rat Race
  • Rat race (2014) from Rat Race
  • Pajamas (2014) from Rat Race
  • Slow (2020) from Long Comes
  • Panpan (2020)
  • Watch As They Go (2020)
  • Santa Claus came to town (2020)



Year Title Role director
nineteen ninety five Leap into the void Alex Daniel Calparsoro
nineteen ninety six Tickets Gabi
1997 Open your eyes Nuria Alejandro Amenábar
Blinded Marrubi Daniel Calparsoro
1998 Lovers of the Arctic Circle Ana (young) Julio Medem
9’8 m / s² “She” Alfonso Amador
Nicolás Méndez
1999 The Citizen Jay anania
2000 Warriors Daniel Calparsoro
Asphalt Lucy
2001 Faust 5.0 Julia Isidro Ortiz
Álex Olle
Carlos Padrissa
Before Night Falls Fina Zorilla Ochoa Julian Schnabel
Lucia and sex Elena Julio Medem
2002 Stones Read Ramon Salazar
2003 Utopia Angela Maria Ripoll
The queen of the Bar Canalla Pretty Daniel Azancot
2004 A + (You love) Dam Xabier Ribera
Agents secrets Maria Menendez Frédéric Schoendoerffer
2005 The method Snow Marcelo Pineyro
20 centimeters “The Rabbit” Ramon Salazar
2006 Disorder Natalie Fernando Chamber
Celia’s lives Celia Antonio Chavarrías
2007 Mataharis Eve Icíar Bollaín
Oviedo Express Barbara Gonzalo Suarez
2010 Everything you want Martha Achero Mañas
Route Irish Marisol Ken loach
Room in Rome Edurne Julio Medem
2011 Verb Agnes Eduardo Chapero-Jackson
2012 The Wine of Summer Ana Maria matteoli
2013 10,000 nights nowhere Claudia Ramon Salazar
2018 Who will sing to you Lila cassen Carlos Vermouth
The tree of blood Macarena Julio Medem
The eighth dimension Olga Calderon Kike Maíllo


Year Title Role Episodes
2015–2019 Vis a vis ( Locked Up ) Zulema Zahir 40 episodes
2019 – present The paper house ( Money Heist ) Alicia Sierra Montes 15 episodes
2020 Vis a vis: The Oasis Zulema Zahir 8 episodes


Year Title Role Episodes
2020 Vis a vis: Side B Zulema Zahir Voice role, 10 episodes

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