Who Is Sanjjanaa Galrani? Actor In Spotlight After Spat With Bengaluru Cab Driver

Who is Sanjjanaa Galrani: South Indian film actor Sanjjanaa Galrani is making headlines for an alleged altercation she had with a cab driver in Bengaluru, as per reports. While she has alleged harassment by the cabbie, the driver has reportedly filed a police complaint claiming Galrani abused him during the ride she took with him on Tuesday.

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Galrani was travelling from Indiranagar to Kengeri with two other people accompanying her. In a statement on her social media account, she writes that when they asked for the Ola cab driver to switch the air conditioner on, he refused. Though he later switched it on to level one, he threatened to offload the customers, as alleged by Galrani.

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She claims he was “very very arrogant” and told them they would have to pay double the meter price, ie. Rs 10,000. See below:

As per a report by Bangalore Mirror, the cab driver approached police after Galrani began talking about the incident online. He told police Galrani was abusive towards him and that he had video proof to show. The driver also claimed the actor’s original drop location was Kengeri, which she changed mid-trip to Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

The distance between the two locations is about 20 minutes.

Galrani has denied abusing him. She wrote online, “My only strong question to him was will he also leave his mother or sister abandoning them in the Center of the road with a big suitcase in case?”

Know Who Is Sanjjanaa Galrani And What The Cab Controversy Is About

Galrani is a model and popular television advertisement face. She had worked as a child artist in Telugu films before getting her big break with the 2006 Kannada erotic-thriller Ganda Hendathi. The film made much noise upon its release for its ‘bold’ subject matter and Galrani came into the spotlight for her film choices. She has credits to her name in the Tamil film industry as well.

The cab driver incident she was involved in has become a topic of discussion among fans. Answering questions directed at her, she tweeted, “Bangalore is full of pollution using AC or not using AC is a private option… there is no Covid rule to not on the AC right now that rule is expired by Ola.”

Galrani’s concerns prompted a response from the cab service company too. In subsequent tweets following the alleged spat, she requested the service to not fire the driver after all that happened since people were still recovering from COVID-19 difficulties, but mentioned “he definitely should issue a public apology letter.”

Galrani was among the actors whose names came up in the Sandalwood drugs case last year. She was facing charges of drug possession and was in jail for three months. She made bail in December 2020.

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