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Who Is Janneke Parrish? Apple Fires Employee Who Led #MeToo Within Tech Giant


Who is Janneke Parrish: Leading tech giant Apple has reportedly fired a woman employee who led the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and racism at the workplace there. Janneke Parrish was a program manager for the company’s Maps division and is viewing the termination of her services as “consequences for speaking out.”

Janneke Parrish

As per a report by The Verge, Parrish’s was fired for “non-compliance” during an internal investigation at Apple after she deleted personal files from her work devices. “We can confirm she is no longer with Apple but cannot speak further to address the situation at this time,” Parrish’s legal representative was quoted saying.

Parrish is notably the second Apple employee to be fired in the duration of a year for going public with the work culture at the multinational. Senior engineering program manager Ashley Gjøvik was fired last year for allegedly leaking confidential information. Gjøvik had been raising workplace safety and surveillance concerns when she was given her notice.

Apple’s #MeToo Leader Shown The Door: Know Who Is Janneke Parrish:

Texas-based Parrish was raising her voice, and rallying together others, against Apple’s privacy policies about company matters that allegedly pervaded serious human-interest issues like sexual harassment and discrimination.

“If me getting fired helps bring justice to people who have been seeking it, then it’s a sacrifice I’m happy to make,” she was quoted saying by The New York Times. On Twitter, Parrish says the matter is “about asking Apple to do better, to end systemic discrimination, abuse, and pay inequity.”

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