Who Is Sufiya Khan? First Female Runner To Complete Manali To Leh Ultramarathon

Who Is Sufiya Khan: Sufiya Khan is the first female runner in the world to complete Manali to Leh Ultramarathon. She accomplished the feat in just 6 days. The ultra-marathon commenced on September 25, 2021 at 7.34 a.m and concluded on October 1, 2021. She covered a distance of 480 km in 156 hours.

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Here’s what you should know about her and her accomplishment

  1. She acclimatized herself for 15 days before the run. She also focused on strength exercises during her training days to tackle the high mountains and never-ending incline roads. Yoga and Pranayama made her lungs stronger.
  2. In an interview, she said that the  best view was from Tanglang La pass as there was Moore Plains, Debring on one side and a stunning Ladakh Valley on the other side.
  3. She also described how there were times when her body oxygen levels dropped to 59 percent and she fainted but her support team helped her and she started running again.
  4. She also ensured that her worked hard on her mental fitness that allows one to push one’s limits.
  5. She is a two-time Guinness Record Holder. The first time she registered her name in Guinness Book Of World Records was in 2019 when she became the fastest female to run along “The Indian Golden Quadrilateral Road”
  6. Her next project includes running around the world. She wants to circumnavigate the world by running. she said she has already started prepping for it.
  7. Sufiya Khan had been working as a ground handler at the Delhi airport for 10 years. She eventually quit her job in 2019 with the idea of pursuing her passion for running.
  8. She was born and brought up in Ajmer. She lost her father when she was 16 and was brought up by her single mother.
  9. Talking about the benefits of running, she told SheThePeople in an interview, “Running makes you positive towards life. It not only helps you be healthier but keeps you strong. Gives you confident. Makes you a good decision maker, makes you more accountable in everyday situations.”
  10. She also emphasises on the importance for running for a woman. “Why should we be always encouraging women for a run? Because, apart from fitness and fight depression, she can avoid addictions to harmful substances and it will also keep them safe from many lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, diabetes etc.”, she said.

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