Ev BMW Storms e-Scooter New CE 04 Concept Revealed

BMW is trying to regain its position as a leading company in the field of electric vehicles. As part of a series of announcements highlighting the latest products of the German automaker, BMW introduced a bold new concept for a BMW Storms e-Scooter: the Definition CE 04 motorcycle.

In fact, the company has not released any specifications or said whether it will become a real motorcycle that people can buy and when to buy it, but BMW said its goal is to “redefine the scooter segment.” Do this without putting it into any production.

BMW Motorrad launched its new CE 04 electric scooter, a step towards electrification and urban transportation. The new series of electric scooters was first launched as a concept in 2017, which is characterized by the most modern design and innovative connection technology. And the communication function that changes the urban traffic experience.

BMW Storms e-Scooter Battery and Range

Image Credit: auto.hindustantimes.

The new BMW Storms e-Scooter CE 04 has a battery capacity of 8.9 kWh and can travel 130 kilometers per charge. The maximum power is 31 kW (42 hp) due to the powerful magnetic motor mounted on the frame between the batteries.

And the rear wheels. Under traffic light conditions, it only takes 2.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h, with a top speed of 120 km/h.

The lithium-ion battery in BMW CE 04 can be charged with a built-in charger, ordinary household socket, wall box, or public charging station. A discharged battery can be fully charged in 4 hours and 20 minutes. Optional fast charger.

With an additional output of up to 6.9 kW, it can charge a discharged battery in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Riding Modes

Electric scooters are equipped with three driving modes as standard: ECO, rain and road. There is also an additional dynamic driving mode that can help the scooter accelerate faster.

The scooter is also equipped with a powerful modern ABS braking system that provides a high level of active safety. The scooter is also equipped with a mobile phone charging bay with a USBC charging port.

Design and Features

Image Credit: auto.hindustantimes.

Although BMW is almost ready for mass production, BMW has ensured that CE 04 is loyal to the original Concept Link design. Speaking of design:

“We have successfully brought many innovative elements and conceptual details into the series. The reality of electric power systems, such as floor-standing power systems and compact power systems, allows us to create very eye-catching designs. It defines a new urban aesthetic and is completely different from traditional styles.”

The scooter is equipped with a standard 10.25-inch TFT color display with integrated navigation and map connection functions. The color screen enables the navigation map to be displayed on the dashboard, and the front and tail lights of the scooter are manufactured using LED technology. There is also an LED display.

The optional adaptive headlight Pro turn signal makes driving at night safer. The scooter visually presents a modern bright white surface, with matte black parts on the front and sides and floating seats complementing this. Its stylish wheels are designed as disc wheels with side brackets.

The avant-garde style variant uses Magellan gray metal body with black/orange seats, an orange windshield, and various graphics.

Final Words

According to BMW, “The BMW Storms e-Scooter is not a funny motorcycle’ that you can ride on the mountain when the weather is good, but a practical everyday car, driving from home to the office or meeting friends at night, it’s just a car city. Everyday life.” Therefore, CE 04 is designed for short city trips.

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