Ev Tata Nexon EV Dark Edition predicted in coming months

We reported last year that Tata has applied for trademark registration for its various models in India under the names “Dark” and “Camo”. All black theme inside and outside. Now, the all-electric Tata Nexon EV Dark Edition may become the second dark version of the lineup.

• Nexon EV Dark Edition may have a completely black exterior and interior
• You can use the #DARK badge like Harrier
• It will be mechanically the same as the standard Nexon EV.

Tata Motors made its debut in the field of electric vehicles with an electric version of its popular compact SUV Nexon. A compact electric SUV called Nexon EV has become India’s best-selling electric four-wheeler in just one and a half years.

Tata Nexon EV has a 64% market share, and the recently launched Dark Edition is expected to attract more potential buyers. The new Nexon EV Dark Edition has two main versions: XZ + and XZ + Lux.

Nexon EV Dark Edition Specification:

Acceleration (0-100 km/h in s) 9.9 **sec
Charging Time (Fast Charge) 60 Min (0% – 80%)
Battery & Motor Warranty 8 Years/1.6 Lakh km
Motor (model) Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Motor power (PS) 129*
Motor torque (Nm) 245 Nm
Drive mode Multiple drive modes (driving and sports)
Battery 30.2 kWh with High energy density lithium-ion battery
Thermal management Liquid-cooled
Protection class of motor and battery pack IP 67
Rating (%) 34%
Emission No exhaust emissions

How about the outside of TATA Nexon EV Dark Edition?

Nexon Ev Dark Edition Exterior
Image Credit: Tata Nexon

 From the appearance, the difference between Nexon EV and ordinary Nexon lies in the blue insert in the fog lamp housing, the EV logo on the radiator grille, and part of the blue TriArrow on the lower bumper grille.

Provides a midnight black appearance color. The headlamp unit is very common in traditional car models. Nexon EV received the Satin Black Humanity series to further enhance the overall theme.

On the side, Nexon EV has a satin black waist to distinguish it from the normal Nexon with a Sonic Silver waist.

However, the EV is equipped with 16-inch charcoal gray alloy wheels with regular ICE surface treatment. The blue EV badge on the front door and the black mascot on the fender.

The rear trunk lid of the Nexon EV has a matt black Nexon lettering and a blue EV badge. In addition, there is a Ziptron badge on the trunk lid, further highlighting the characteristics of electric vehicles. Run between the taillights and emphasize the dark theme.

Charging information:

  • Charging standard: CCS 2
  • Estimated normal charging time (15A connection point 10% to 90% SOC): 8.5 # hours
  • Estimated fast charging time (SOC 0%- 80%): 60 minutes

How’s it inside TATA Nexon EV Drak ?

Image Credit: Tata Nexon

The interior design of the Nexon EV is similar to that of ordinary models, but in order to distinguish it from ordinary models, the EV has a blue insert around the air conditioning outlet, center console, and instrument panel.

Black glossy dashboard designed by Tri-Arrow. The multifunction steering wheel is made of synthetic leather with blue EV stitching. The dashboard is decorated with a Harman touch screen infotainment system, which has 35 networked in-vehicle functions from Tata Motors’ ZConnect.

The compact electric SUV Dark Edition has a dark synthetic leather interior with Tri-Arrow perforations on the door panels and dark embroidery on the front headrest. The front seats also have a manual seat adjustment function. Digital display MID.

Nexon EV adopts a 60:40 split rear design for the first time, with adjustable rear headrests. In addition, the rear seats now have a central armrest with a cup holder. This feature is available on Nexon EV Dark Edition XZ +. The ordinary Nexon EV only has this feature in the first-class XZ + Lux variant.

What’s under the hood?

Image Credit: Tata Nexon

The Mechanical Nexon EV Dark Edition continues to use a 30.2 kWh lithium battery and a permanent magnet induction motor with an output of 125 hp. And 245 Nm torque. The electric motor is connected to the automatic gearbox. According to driving conditions, the actual driving range after fully charged can reach 312 kilometers.

Competition and price:

The high-end version of XZ + Lux Dark charges an additional fee of Rs 29,000, while the XZ + Dark version of Nexon EV charges an additional fee of Rs 43,000 compared to the regular version. Its competitors are Hyundai Kona EV and MG ZS EV. With the launch of the Dark Edition EV version, sales of Nexon EV should soar in the coming days.

The Last Words:

Owning an electric car has its advantages, especially when fuel prices are breaking new records every day. Interestingly, TATA Nexon EV Black Edition is also the first domestic electric vehicle to adopt this unique combination. The new all-black theme electric version is definitely the icing on the cake!

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