Ev Xbus Electric Truck small German electric car is absolutely amazing.

Electric Brands has launched a modular electric car platform with Xbus Electric Truck. This small German electric car is absolutely amazing.

The German company Electric Brands stated that its modular electric vehicles called Xbus and more compact electric vehicles may be popular with those who want their cars to look great. However, there is a problem: According to the European legal definition, this Xbus belongs to the L7e category of ATV.

If there is anything vaguely reminiscent of the Xbus style, it is because of the depiction of this car called eBuss 2020. Now, this model is a complete prototype and looks a little different.

Xbus Electric Truck Specifications and Features

An ambitious goal: to develop one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly light electric vehicles in the world, combining technology, ease of use, design, and driving pleasure. Convincing result: XBUS, a modular multi-purpose vehicle that meets the L7eB2 standard. Passenger cars.

A Quadricycles vehicle is a Quadricycles motor vehicle, weighing less than 450 kilograms, and its manufacturing requirements are not as good as traditional vehicles. Electric vehicles use four in-wheel motors with a maximum output of 75 horsepower and 20 horsepower.

Stable performance, the maximum speed can reach 100 kilometers per hour. It consists of a standard 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery and can travel 200 kilometers on a single charge. A KWh package that can increase autonomy to 600 kilometers.

There is a battery compartment in the middle of Xbus, which can be replaced by one or two dealers without special tools. Initially, there will be 600 distributors in Europe, but eventually, the company plans to expand its business to 1,000 locations. It belongs to the L7e class with a payload limit of 450 kg and a freight limit of 600 kg.

The safety regulations in the event of a collision are not too strict for the vehicle. Electric Brands will produce Xbus at its existing plant in Itzehoe, Germany, and the German company Universal will provide the batteries. The electric car starts at 17,380 Euros, or about 15 lakhs rupees, and will start production in mid-2022.

Xbus Variants

Xbus Electric Truck is a true master of rapid changes in trade and commerce, and a recreational vehicle with long-distance experience. Everything is in an instant, and changes have taken place in a blink of an eye. Two chassis models are provided: XBUS City and XBUS Offroad, with increased ground clearance.

Both options are available for the basic Freedom version and eight different modules.

There are nine versions of this electric car: enclosed bus, dump box pickup, fixed bed pickup, and flatbed version with sidewalls, and a camping option that includes a refrigerator. It includes a sink, stove, and TV.

The Promise Made in Germany

The display of the series-ready XBUS prototype marks the beginning of the future revolution in the light-duty vehicle category. “Now is the time for XBUS,” said Ralph Haller, founder of ElectricBrands AG.

He began. Thinking about this concept about three years ago.

“As roads become more and more congested, larger and larger cars cannot be the solution. We need smart, multifunctional, and sustainable concepts to preserve personal mobility and personal lifestyles for all of us, without exhaust emissions, but Comfort, acceptable range, and sufficient speed are our goals for XBUS,”

ElectricBrands will begin production of XBUS in Itzehoe in mid-2022, initially creating as many as 1,000 jobs on-site and in the supply chain and sales. Most suppliers, especially key components, will come from Germany or nearby European countries.

The price of the basic version of the XBUS electric truck will be well below 20,000 Euros, including German VAT.

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