Ford unveiled F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck

Ford unveiled F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck on Wednesday, which is a key part of the company’s $22 billion electrification investment. The car is one of three Ford electric vehicles that debuted and launched last year.

As far as the bottom line is concerned, perhaps the most important. The Ford F-150 Lightning is produced at the Rouge plant in Dearborn, Michigan, followed by the all-electric Mustang Mach-E and E-Transit, which are customized for corporate customers Fully electric cargo truck.

Importance of F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck unveiled by Ford

So far, electric cars have mostly attracted technicians or wealthy environmentalists, but the F-150 Lightning is aimed at regular truck owners, which makes it a potential hot spot. A turning point in the electric car revolution.

  • Ford’s biggest challenge will be to convince buyers that electric vehicles can do the job.
  • People buy trucks to pull trailers and carry heavy objects, which requires extra power and reduces the truck’s driving distance.
  • In response to these concerns, Ford equipped the F-150 Lightning with new technology and used the truck as a wheel generator: in the event of a power failure, its battery can power the house for three days.
  • At construction sites or campsites, car owners can transfer up to 9.6 kW of power from power tools or equipment from various sockets in the truck cab, crate, or large trunk usually located in the front of the engine.
  • Lightning comes with a battery with a standard range of 230 miles or a battery with an extended range of 300 miles.
  • When using the in-vehicle network, if you face the threat of low power consumption, the system can send a warning to your smartphone.
  • Sensors can also estimate the number of drivers who are driving and combine this data with driving conditions to accurately and real-time estimate the distance the driver can travel.

Ford did a very hard job in the F-150 Blitz. Trucks will need everything that makes their gasoline counterparts the best-selling car in North America, as well as the new advantages of electricity.

Towing capacity and overall design must meet the needs of your customers, many of whom use them for commercial purposes. The car’s specifications indicate that Ford has demonstrated torque and power while maintaining the same cab and body dimensions as gasoline cars.

Inside the Lightning F-150

F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck


With the new Ford unveiled F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck Power-Up software update, work has become better.

  • Lightning has vehicle connectivity and advanced driver assistance features.
  • Supports wireless software updates
  • Improve driver assistance functions and update the map
  • AppLink system, including Waze and the Amazon version called Ford + Alexa.
  • SYNC 4 will provide third-party applications
  • An impressive touch screen

What is Sync 4A?

The Sync 4A system with natural voice control and real-time viewing is displayed on a 15.5-inch touch screen, and its appearance is very similar to the content of the new Mustang Mach-E electric crossover. There is a 12-inch dashboard in front of the driver, which can be customized.

The digital cluster also provides drivers with important information about battery performance, regenerative braking and additional driver assistance functions.

The F-150 Lightning has an impressive touch screen. Immediately provide our customers with all the information they need: know their whereabouts in real-time, what they are transporting, or how much autonomy they have saved in the real world.

F-150 Lightning will also provide the automaker’s new hands-free function Blue Cruise and will be available for 2021 F-150 pickups and selected 2021 Mustang Mach-E models through software updates before the end of this year.

In a statement in April, Ford said that hands-free phones that use a combination of speakers, cameras, radar sensors, and software to provide adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and speed sign recognition have undergone about 500,000 miles of development testing.

The cab is equipped with a camera to track the line of sight and head position, so the driver will not be distracted from the road.

The speakerphone will be available for vehicles using Ford Co-Pilot360 technology and can only be used on certain parts of the shared route. There are 100,000 miles of highways in North America.

Charging and Power

Charging is certainly important for driving an electric car, but it’s not just about plugging it into a power source.

Ford unveiled that customers will be notified when the F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck battery level falls below one. At the same time, taking into account the trailer, the intelligent range of payload and weather information is also transmitted to the driver.

The associated FordPass app also provides customers with charging stations. Use the infotainment system to find and navigate to the charging station.

The Ford unveiled F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck also has a standard 2.4 kW onboard power supply unit, while the standard configuration of Lariat and Platinum is 9.6 kW. This is a combination of up to 2.4 kilowatts, available through so-called “megawatts.” The “power front” comes from the truck and can provide up to 7.2 kilowatts of power through sockets in the cabin and bed.

Ford also announced its 9.6 kW backup power supply, which can provide homes with electricity for three days during a power outage, and can provide homes with electricity for up to 10 days after being rationed.

Will the F-150 Lightning attract new buyers? This question can only be answered after the launch in the spring of 2022.

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