Renault Megane EV to Launch in Munich in coming September

Less than a year ago, the French car giant Renault launched the Renault Megane EV eVision concept car. The car brand is now ready to bring production models to the forefront in Munich in September 2021. Renault has announced that it will show it on September 6.

This new modular electric platform mainly focuses on power, stimulation, and motivation. Through many improvements and innovations, it is pushing boundaries and raising energy efficiency standards.

The car manufacturer refers to Megane EV as Megane ETech Electric. However, the manufacturer does not want to disclose any further details about the vehicle. The Megane electric hatchback is expected to be sold together with traditional ICE-powered models. In this case, gasoline, diesel, and electric options will also be offered.

The MEGANE eVISION demo car broke all the rules! Its size makes driving in the city easy, provides space and comfort for passengers, and its internal volume is comparable to that of a C-class car, which is usually 15-30 cm long.

Renault Megane EV Back
Image Credit: Autocar

Renault’s future electric vehicles will be equipped with a brand-new CMFEV platform to provide a more modular and spacious environment without increasing the height and length.

The Renault Megane EV hatchback will be the first all-electric car launched by the French car giant for the European market. He will join Twingo ETech Electric and Zoe EV. During the Twingo warranty period, Zoe is a B-class model.

The MEGANE eVISION demo car showed impressive new performance. Equipped with a battery that gives it the performance of a hatchback while maintaining its compact size, it surpasses the traditional category and overcomes the previous obstacles that prevented the steering motor.

Renault Megane EV is based on the CMFEV platform designed specifically for electric vehicles. This car can produce 217 horsepower. The electric motor is combined with a 60 kWh battery and transmits power to the front wheels.

The car is closer to the ground, has better aerodynamic performance, significantly reduces energy consumption, and significantly increases the range.

When talking about the cruising range of the upcoming Megane electric hatchback, the company has not yet released the final data but has previously promised that the Megane EV can travel at least 450 kilometers on a single charge.

Renault is currently testing 30 Megane Ev electric rear hatchbacks before launch. The vehicle should be available to customers in the first half of 2022. Renault will also showcase the Renault 5 concept car and several other upcoming electric models at the Munich Motor Show.

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