‘Closely monitoring H3N2 situation’: Tamil Nadu Health Department

The Tamil Nadu Health Department has sent a circular to all the district health officers in the state to monitor the H3N2 cases in their respective districts, an official said on Tuesday.

Also, the Primary Health Centres have been asked to provide information on the number of fever cases being reported.

The Health Department has sent the samples of a person who died in Tiruchi on March 10 after showing symptoms of Covid-19.

The 27-year-old, who used to reside in Bengaluru and was a native of Tiruchi, had returned to his home after spending a few days with his friends in Goa.

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He was showing signs of acute stomach pain and vomiting and was admitted to the GBR Hospital in Tiruchi on March 9.

He showed symptoms of Covid -19 and later passed away on March 10.

Later, six of his family members were isolated. They, however, did not show any symptoms of any disease, including Covid-19 or H3N2.

On Tuesday, the hospital authorities sent his samples for an H3N2 influenza virus test.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian told IANS: “We conducted a mega fever camp in the state on March 10 from morning till evening in 1,000 centres across Tamil Nadu. We have directed people to adhere to Covid protocol including wearing of masks, safe distancing and sanitising hands regularly.”

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People have also been advised to immediately consult the local hospitals if there are any symptoms of fever and to conduct proper check-ups as well as undergo treatment.

Tamil Nadu, however, is witnessing a number of cases of H1N1 or Swine Flu, and according to the latest data, the state reported 545 H1N1 cases.

According to the state public health department, the symptoms of both Covid-19 and H3N2 are almost the same.

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