Maha reports 249 H3N2 infections and 417 H1N1 flu since Jan 1

The tally of H1N1 (swine flu) and H3N2 influenza infections reported in Maharashtra this year stands at 417 and 249, respectively, the state health department said.

Presently 160 patients infected with flu viruses are being treated at various hospitals across the state, it said. So far this year Maharashtra has witnessed three deaths due to H1N1 and one death due to H3N1 virus infection, the report said.

Three more suspected deaths including one in Pune city and another in Khadki cantonment area were reported due to the virus, but those are yet to be confirmed, it added.

Yesterday, Maharashtra Legislative Council deputy chairperson Neelam Gorhe said state Health Minister Tanaji Sawant should issue a statement regarding the current status of coronavirus and use of masks.

Gorhe alluded to a recent statement made by former state COVID-19 task force chairperson Dr Sanjay Oak about making masks mandatory in the state.

The state health minister should make a statement in the legislative Council regarding the use of masks. Dr Oak has already issued a statement asking people to wear masks, Gorhe said.

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