Mahesh’s move towards mass title?

Mahesh Babu and Trivikram combination of the most awaited movie #ssmb28 has already released the first look poster and teaser glimpses. However, the title of the film is not given yet. It’s been a few months since the shooting started. Some titles are being promoted on social media.

And the time has been fixed to announce the title. Mahesh will announce the title of the movie on the occasion of Superstar Krishna Jayanti on May 31. Massive arrangements have been made to release the title Glimpse in theaters where Mosagalake Mosagadu will be re-released. It is going to be released with a countdown to the fans.

It is sentimental for Mahesh to give fans a special gift from his upcoming movie on his father’s birthday. That’s why the title Glimpse was prepared for Krishna’s birthday. Glims is ready with mass cut. Along with the title ‘Amaravati Atu, Itu’, the mass title Guntur Karam was also considered for the film. But now the class title is not set for Mass Glims. It seems that Mahesh’s directors are in a dilemma as to what to fix.

As per the sentiment of Trivikram’s title, it should start with letter A. If you look at it like that, the title should be ‘Amaravati Atu, Itu’, but Mahesh has the title ‘Guntur Karam’, according to inside talk. In the next two days, the title will be finalized and the planning will be done to attach it to Glims. Let’s see if Mahesh will come forward with the mass title ‘Guntur Karam’.

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