Ram-boyapati feast beforehand

After hitting a huge hit like ‘Akhanda’ with Nandamuri Balakrishna, there are huge expectations on the film being made by Boyapati Srinu. The fact that he is doing a film with Ram, who is very energetic like a live wire, will increase the expectations even more. Looking at the recently released teaser, it is clear that a good maas masala movie is going to come out in their combination as expected by the audience. Earlier it was planned to release this film in October as a Dussehra gift.

This has also been officially announced. But now that thought is changing. The shooting of the film is being completed fast.. As it is in the finishing stage, they are looking to release it a month or two months earlier. It is reported that the film may release in August or September itself.

Films made in crazy combinations rarely release earlier than expected except for postponement. But there is another reason for this besides the speed of shooting. Nandamuri Balakrishna’s new film is scheduled for Dussehra. It is known what kind of relationship Boyapati has with Balayya. Moreover, both of them are going to meet soon for another film.

In that case, it would not be good if Balayya and Boyapati clashed at the box office. Moreover, Ravi Teja’s film ‘Tiger Nageswara Rao’ has also been scheduled for Dussehra. The competition between three crazy movies for that festival means that adjusting the theaters becomes difficult. There will also be a cut in revenue. That’s why it seems that the Ram-Boyapati film team is thinking of releasing the film solo at the end of August or mid-September without this clash.

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