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If someone is doing the same thing as a hero doing mass films and routine masala films… there is always dissatisfaction. The hero is looked at a little less. But if such heroes are getting backlash every time they go beyond their image and make films, the question arises, what can they do? This is what always happens with Raviteja.

All Ravi Teja’s hits in his career came with mass films. That is why he was called ‘Mass Raja’. But sometimes Ravi Teja does very routine mass masala movies. Then criticism comes. So he changes his route and tries different films. But they have terrible results. Naa Autograph, Shambho Shiva Shambho, Sarocharu, Disco Raja.. There are many movies in this series. All these also left a bitter experience for Mass Raja.

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Anyway, without giving up hope, Mass Raja recently made a different movie called ‘Rama Rao On Duty’. But it had an even worse result. This is one of the films with lowest opening and overall collections in Ravi Teja’s career. But after this Ravi Teja went back to his roots and made the movie ‘Dhamaka’. It was released recently.

Maybe because of the ‘Rama Rao’ effect.. There was no hype for this movie before its release. But on the day of its release, the collection of this movie rang. Despite the divide talk, it managed to earn huge collections throughout the weekend. After that, the collections remained stable. There is no doubt that the movie will achieve ‘hit’ status. Even though it was a movie with routine storylines, the movie failed due to the lack of elements that the mass audience wanted from Ravi Teja. Even if it seems routine.. Ravi Teja has been proved once again that only mass movies are set for him. Ravi Teja has once again learned his lesson in this matter.. Will he limit himself to mass masala films instead of experimenting again?

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