‘Tillu 2’ finally in her hands?

The crazy sequel ‘Tillu 2’, which is going to hit the theaters this year, has not yet fixed the heroine. At first they thought of Sri Leela but could not. Anupama was then taken but due to some reasons she walked out of the project midway.

After Anupama, Meenakshi Chowdhury and Madonna Sebastian were screen tested but they could not settle for the character. With this, the makers are now thinking of taking Rashi Khanna as the heroine opposite Siddu for the finale.

Recently, it was reported that Rashi Khanna was told the script and she was locked as the heroine. Currently, Rashi Khanna continues her career with a series of failures. Rashi showed a strong effect on Khanna as Thank You became a disaster. That is why it is known that she did not miss this golden chance that came looking for her.

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In fact, Neha Shetty got all the credit after Siddu in the success of the movie ‘DJ Tillu’. Neha attracted the youth audience with her beauty and became the highlight of the movie. Radhika lost in the role.

Now Team Nana is struggling to catch the heroine who matches Neha Shetty. There is an inside talk that some people rejected this movie especially because there will be more skin show in the movie.

However, Tillu 2 Rasi seems to be written for Khanna. That’s why this crazy movie fell in the hands of the final seller. Soon there is a chance to announce this matter as the makers’ offices.

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