Bigg Boss Season 16 Episode 46: Archana Ne Dia Priyanka Ko ORDER, Dono Me Hui Ladai Captain Sajid Ka Phuta Gussa

Bigg Boss Season 16 Episode 46: (day 46) starts with all the housemates waking up and singing the BB anthem to wake up their bodies. Meanwhile, Archana Gautam acts cranky as she is still feeling sleepy.

While making breakfast, Archana tells Priyanka Choudhary to clean up everything once the cooking is done. However, Priyanka refuses to do it alone as it is not her job and she was supposed to cook only.

Archana starts acting rude once again and asks Priyanka if her parents didn’t teach her how to keep the kitchen clean.

Priyanka gets into Archana’s face and warns her to not take her parent’s name ever again or she will suffer great consequences.

Sajid Khan comes there and tries to calm them while both the girls start venting to him.  Priyanka leaves and Sajid goes to the garden area to talk to her while Priyanka refuses to cook with Archana.

In the end, Sajid tells them that this is not his duty/captain’s duty and leaves from there. Will this bring a crack into Priyanka and Archana’s growing friendship?

How will Archana react when Soundarya Sharma chooses to stay by Priyanka rather than her?

Bigg Boss Season 16 Episode 46