The ‘Sex/Life’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer Does a Lot More Than Tease
The ‘Sex/Life’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer Does a Lot More Than Tease

The ‘Sex/Life’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer Does a Lot More Than Tease

Let’s talk about Sex/Life Season 2, baby. The freshly released teaser trailer is here with a glimpse of all the good things and the bad things that may be when the drama returns on March 2.

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The clip offers tantalizing glimpses of protagonist Billie Connelly (Sarah Shahi) in various blood-pumping situations, including a passionate kiss with her dreamy music producer ex Brad (Adam Demos) to an intense moment with her husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel).

“That’s how we like Sex/Life  — as a big, bold, unapologetic exploration of female desire, and a thrilling chance to tell the truth about our lives and the choices we all make in relationships, family, career and identity,” creator and executive producer  Stacy Rukeyser tells Tudum. “This season is a fairy tale, full of hope and love and second chances. We never stop asking ‘What if?’ and our characters never stop striving to create the life (and the sex) of which they dream.”

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Billie is clearly living some fantasy, as she cranes her neck in ecstasy many, many times in the teaser. If you’re left wondering what makes Billie so wildly pleased, keep reading as we answer every question you have about Sex/Life Season 2, from its premiere date to its plot.

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When’s Sex/Life Season 2’s release date?

Sex/Life heads back to the bedroom on March 2. All six episodes of Season 2 will premiere that day.

What happens in Sex/Life Season 2?

Sex/Life Season 2 hooks its finger and beckons us back into the wild world of Billie Connelly. The series continues to map Billie’s shifting connection to her family, her past — including her devastatingly handsome ex, Brad — and her future. While Billie attempts to be happy as a suburban mother of two, she remains desperate for the freedom she enjoyed as a single and sexually fulfilled psychology Ph.D student in New York City.

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Season 2 will explore femme identity and desire, while also expanding Sex/Life’s world. As the teaser reveals, fans can expect to get a deeper look into the sexcapades of Billie’s best friend Sasha Snow (Margaret Odette).

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“We have several exciting new faces in the mix — not the least of which is a hot new love interest for Sasha,” Rukeyser says. “She has always fiercely protected her independence, but when this undeniable man from her past shows up, he makes her question everything, including what it means to ‘have it all.’”

Can I watch the teaser trailer for Sex/Life Season 2?

Yes, you can watch the teaser trailer above. Have a glass of water on hand — this video is bound to make you thirsty.

Who’s in the cast of Sex/Life Season 2?

Shahi is back to lead Sex/Life as conflicted yet confident Billie, a woman with an endless supply of fabulous jackets. Shahi is joined by on-screen BFF Odette, who plays New York’s most independent woman, Sasha. These high-powered ladies — remember: one is finishing her Ph.D and the other is a successful author — are joined by a cadre of dashing gentlemen. Demos and Vogel return as Billie’s two opposing love interests: estranged husband Cooper and unforgettable former flame Brad.

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Returning cast members Jonathan Sadowski, Li Jun Li and Amber Goldfarb can also be spotted in the teaser trailer. Sexy Sex/Life newcomers — are there any other kind? — Darius Homayoun, Cleo Anthony and Wallis Day also steam up the clip. Rukeyser promises we’ll soon find out how these new cast members shake up the sex lives of Sex/Life.

Sex/Life Season 2 Photos:

Rippling abs. Searing eye contact. Multiple people in the throes of passion. These photos have it all. Keep a fire extinguisher handy!

How does Sex/Life Season 1 end?

After a season of confusion, Billie tries to commit to her supposedly happy life in Connecticut with Cooper. She puts on a floral dress, makes brownies and attends her young son Hudson’s (Phoenix Reich) school performance. But, as Billie says in voiceover, the wholesome suburban tableau isn’t “enough” for her. She promptly goes running to Brad in New York City.

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Unbeknownst to Billie, Cooper is tracking her phone’s location. He knows exactly where she is, and he’s not happy about it.

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But Billie is too busy beaming at Brad to worry about what Cooper is doing. Arriving at his apartment, she says, “I’m not leaving my husband. This changes nothing. Now fuck me.” Billie is not one to mince words. The teaser — and Rukeyser — confirm Sex/Life Season 2 will reveal what happens after that sultry proposition.