1 Dead, 2 injured at London Victoria Station bus crash

There has been a fatal accident in which a woman has died and three people are injured as there has been a crash which involved two buses which happened in London at the Victoria station on Tuesday. there have been pictures of a double-decker bus with a smashed windscreen as it crashed into the back of another bus and crumpled the rear bumper of the bus. Police were called at the scene at 8:25 am as they were reported about the collision at the Central London hub, it is believed the woman who had died in the incident was 30 years old, she was pronounced dead shortly after the incident.

Victoria Station Accident Today

Victoria Station Accident Today

there have been witnesses who have stated heard a big bang after which they rushed to the bus to help before the emergency services arrived. there was two staff at the station who rushed towards the buses to help out the drivers and the passengers who were present on the bus, there were already 30 people who gathered around the incident. it was stated there was also a guy who was working on fixing the lamppost as he was on the ladder and it was evident he was shell-shocked, he could have lost his balance at the time but he managed to stay put.

There were three ambulances crews which were having two medics in the car, there was another advanced paramedic, an officer, and a team of the hazardous areas responded to the scene which has been stated by the London Ambulance service. even the London air ambulance was dispatched after the incident and even after so many efforts, the woman couldn’t be saved and she was pronounced dead at 9:00 am.

The other three people who were injured because of the incident were treated by the London Ambulance service, two of them were taken to the hospital while the third person was discharged at the scene itself. It has been stated by the TFL’S commissioner, they are extremely saddened about the woman who has tragically died during the whole incident and their thoughts and prayers are with the friends and the family of the lost souls.

We hope that her soul receives peace and we hope the driver who is responsible for the incident should be well accounted for the way he was driving. there are no more details about the incident, we are going to update you more if anything comes under our radar.

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