2 Dead in a collision on Trans-Canada west of Calgary

There has been a horrific accident and the traffic has been rerouted which has happened through Morley to Highway 1A. After the collision, two people are dead on highway 1 on Wednesday which is near Morley in West of Calgary. the accident happened at 1:20 am which has been stated emergency officials, RCMP has stated, there was a cube van that was traveling towards the East on highway 1 which is West of Morley when it slithered its way into the median and then into the Westbound lanes.

Morley Accident Latest Update

Morley Accident Latest Update

and this caused the car to lose its control completely it collided with a car head-on with a white car which was stated by RCMP. and at the same time, there was a westbound semi-trailer that was unable to avoid the collision and then rear-ended with a white car, and following up that, two people got killed in the white car according to the RCMP. in addition to this, there have been 3 people who have been taken to the hospital by the ground ambulances having serious but not life-threatening injuries which have been stated by Alberta EMS spokesperson Adam Loria.

The traffic which is on Westbound on the trans Canada highway is being rerouted through Morley road to highway 1 by the authorities, the rerouting is expected to be lasting for several hours. It has been stated by the RCMP, there is not going to be any more information that is going to be provided on the deceased until the others are notified.

It seems it is a developing story as of this point, we are going to be providing you with more details about the incident as anything comes under our radar, it seems like the people who have died, their families are suffering a great loss and it is the reason for driving safe as one death can affect many lives and this is pretty saddening to see that two people have died of the horrific incident.

It seems like accidents are becoming a daily thing on the highways, people need to understand, yes on a highway you have to keep up the speed but it should be feasible enough not just considering your car but also other people’s car. Accidents can be avoided by us but small mistakes can turn into a big blunder in no time so people need to drive safely.

We will keep updating you about the running story as soon as we learn something new about it.

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