A Doctor Responds Viral Video Explained!!

On Friday there has been a meeting which has took place in Mt, Verton School as the board organized an emergency meeting to discuss the Covid outbreak which has took place in the district and it seems like covid protocols are going to be put in place. there were 20 concerned parents and residents who showed up in the meeting as they spoke about the horrific condition which the district is facing because of the surge in the Covid-19 cases.

Dr Daniel Stock Mt Vernon School Board

Dr Daniel Stock Mt Vernon School Board Video

The meeting took place online and about 400 people watched it it was being done, one of the physicians naming McCordsville who is a medicinal physician stated the mask should be compulsory on the school premises and the full video can be watched which is about 6 minutes long on Facebook.

So what is going to be the plan to stop the surge of the Covid-19 cases,  it has been stated by several parents who attended the meeting of the board, it is being stated the school is going to reconsider the protocols and are going to come up with several changes in the rules and regulations which they have taken earlier regarding the Covid-19.

Many of the parents made some crucial points about the situation and it seems like the school is going to be considering many of the points which have been made by the concerned parents.

Dr Daniel Stock Viral Explained

The next meeting is going to be held on Monday dating to 16th August which is going to happen at 7:00 pm, many of the residents and parents are going to be packing up the house and they have provided many of the emails to contact the school.

There has been a petition which has received 270 signatures of individuals calling out the school on ending mandatory mask-wearing and ending excessive quarantine time, it has also been requested in the petition to keep the vaccination as a choice, no student should be forced to take the vaccination.

It seems like the next meeting is going to be pretty crucial and there are going to be some tough decisions which are going to be taken by the school authorities in order to make the situation more stable as there are many concerned parents who are worried about their children and this needs to happen in a manner which is going to make the students more comfortable.

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