Aarav And Priyasi Get Married!

Today’s episode starts with Sudha as she sees Veer’s phone and notices Priyashi’s wallpaper on it. Veer comes there and says that he loves Priyashi and will always love her. She can’t take her place in his heart. Purvi hears them and thinks that she just wanted everyone’s happiness but everyone is accusing her of everything. Suddenly, Anjali takes Nanthini’s name loudly. Everyone comes to the hall and asks what happened. Anjali tells him that Aarav has come to the house. Nanthini meets him and asks him why he came here. She also asks him about his dress as he is in the groom’s dress.


Nanthini says to him that he did a big mistake to love him. She then asks him to go from her house. He tells her that why is she getting hyper. He says that he can’t stay alone for his whole life that’s why he came with a surprise that is for her mainly. Virendra tells him to leave the place. Aarav asks him to wait as he wants to make them meet with his Molkki. He calls her and she came in front of everyone. As soon as she unveils her face, everyone gets stunned as she was Priyashi.

Nandini comes to her and slaps her tightly. Veer also question Priyu that why she became Molkki that too of Aarav. She blames Purvi for everything. Purvi then slaps her and says that why is she blaming her. Priyu says that she stopped her getting married to Aarav so she has to take this decision. Virender stops both sisters and tells them not to do this drama here. Aarav also leaves the place with Priyu. Prakashi and Anjali enjoy everything that happened. Ahead, Virendra also scolds Purvi for whatever she did. He badmouths Purvi.

Virendra says to her that he wishes that she had never become his Molkki. Purvi feels hurt hearing him. She breaks down after hearing him. She recalls his words and decides to leave the house. She goes to the bus stand where a lady stole her luggage. The lady then wears Purvi dress and gets on to the bus. Unfortunately, the bus met with an accident. A person comes to Purvi and tells that the buses will not come now because of the bad weather. After some time, Purvi also met with an accident and Virender gets news of her death. After that, the show is going to take a leap for six months and the story will take an interesting turn. To watch this interesting episode, you have to catch the “Molkki” serial on Colors at 10 PM.

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