Akshra Singh was seen spending moments of relaxation at Banaras Ghat, but who is this special one?

Saw everyone’s photos and videos on Valentine’s Day, but do you know where was your Bhojpuri queen Akshara Singh on the special occasion? You were busy That’s why we took the news of Akshara Singh’s search.

On Valentine’s Day, when the world was busy expressing its love. At that time Akshara was spending a few moments of relaxation at Banaras Ghat. However, she was not alone. There was also a companion to accompany him in the boat.On February 14, Akshara was accompanied by none other than her special friend Vivek Kesari. Vivek is a Bhojpuri actor, who is often seen making Instagram reel with Akshara.

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Apart from the crowd, Akshara Singh was seen enjoying the natural beauty on a boat at Banaras Ghat. In the pictures, you can see the happiness of moments of relaxation on Akshara’s face.Wearing a red suit and sandalwood tilak on her forehead, Bhojpuri Queen was seen admiring the beauty of Banaras. On the other hand, Vivek has been seen enjoying the fun of Akshara by becoming a friend.

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Akshara Singh has also shared pictures of special moments on Instagram. While commenting, Vivek writes that ‘I think you and I are the perfect combination of madness’. This is the first time we are calm. Really what is the caption?Fans are very fond of the quality time pictures of Vivek and Akshara. All the likes and comments have come on the photos. Well it never happens that Akshara posts something and the fans do not like her.

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