Alicante Hit By ‘Mini-Tsunami’ Caused By Saharan Heat Surge

There has been a natural calamity in the tourist hotspot in Spain, there has been a mini Tsunami as the Sharna heatwave reached the Mediterranean. and it is being stated the popular area where tourists are pretty active has been hit by a “meteotsunami” which has taken place on Wednesday, the rise which was seen in the tide led to shocking flooding experience for many who got stuck there which happened in Santa Pola beaches and streets.

Mini Tsunami Alicante

Mini Tsunami Alicante

The meteotsunami is known as Rissaga when we talk about Catalan Spanish, it is caused by the significant changes which happen in the atmosphere which is stated to be a heatwave. it has been posted by Policia Local at the Santa Pola on their official Facebook page, there has been an unexpected natural phenomenon which has surprised all of the people as it was so sudden, there has been a rise in the tide which has caused several problems for the fishing fleet and many of the boats even drifted because of the incident.

There is water that has come to show its presence when it comes to coastal walks. There have been many damages which have been caused by the flooding and the designated authorities to deal with such a calamity are already on their toes and are trying to damage control. the weather condition which is stated to be freakish has been caused because of the temperature in the Mediterranean which is looking all set to hit 48C and it is being stated the temperature at the Costa del Sol is going to be reaching  47C.

The party island of Spain which is Ibiza is going to be seeing the temperature going up to 40C. The highest temperature which has been recorded in Spain is in the year 2017 which was 46.9C and it is also the favorite place for British tourists when we talk about vacation. there are about 18 million UK tourists who come to Spain every year to have a wonderful vacation,

There has been a warning which has been issued by the spokesperson of the weather service in Spain about the rising temperature. it has been stated heatwaves can lead up to adverse effects on the health of the people and there is a significant risk of fire in the forests.

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