All-New 2022 Sea-Doo Switch is a Game Changer in the Pontoon

Pontoon boats are in fashion for many and it seems like they have launched the 2022 edition of a Manitou XT which is the epitome of performance and luxury and it is being stated, it is now going to be available for 900 hp. It has been decades when we talk about the existence of the company, they have been creating an amazing on-water experience for their customers and it seems like the new venture of the company which is the Manitou XT line up seems to continue the tradition of the company.

Sea Doo Pontoon Boats

Sea Doo Pontoon Boats

They have unveiled their lineup for the year 2022 and it has to be said, they are offering spectacular performances which are also going to be highly luxurious where you can relax if you feel like running the pontoon wild which it is capable of. It has been stated by Garrett Koschak who is the manager when it comes to Global Product Strategy, the best days are those on the water which cant be put easily into words, having the memories which are going to be lasting forever in a person’s life.

he further stated this is what their focus is, being on the water is an amazing experience and is a unique opportunity of spending time with your friends and family and whether you talk about having ultimate thrills or a relaxing cruise, the company has got everything in the line up for the year 2022.

They have truly raised the bar when it comes to pontoons with their new models naming Manitou LX and XT and is certified to have a power of 900 hp which is going to be bonkers, the company has stated the boat is for the people bringing their friends with them and enjoy the thrilling ride and relaxing at the same time when you feel like.

They are not only bragging about the speed and how luxurious it is, they have provided it with a lot of advanced technology, they call it the V-Toon Technology hull, as the speed is going to increase, the hull is going to be naturally healing which is not only for comfort but is also going to be providing you with safety.

and it has been done by Manitou by adding Manitou V-Toon technology which has been engineered to optimize the performance which is beginning with precision and size and it is also going to be having positive angle straked which are going to be lifted to provide the boat with more stability.


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