Battlefield 2042 Beta: How To Join, Release Date, and Time!

There is a lot of gameplay that is being showcased on various platforms of the new game Battlefield 2042, as there are many people who have been showing off the experience which they are having playing the game. It has also been revealed through the portal of Battlefiled, the next big step is going to be technical alpha which is directed towards the development of the game, how players are going to be interacting with each other, with the servers and there are going to be containing many different elements which is what EA studios and DICE are working on as of this point.

Battlefield 2042 Beta

The technical playtest is being stated to take place from 12th August to 15th August and there are already so many people who are posting pictures and footage of the gameplay which is the talk on the internet when it comes to the gaming world. There are going to be a few thousand people who are being invited to test out the game and anyone who is going to be a part of this will be made to sign a strict NDA, this is going to be done so that no individual posts footage.

Video is showing vehicles and the UI in the game, the game seems to be a bit laggy but it is just the testing times for the game so lag is going to be seen, it seems like the game is going to be highly promising and we can hope for the same as the open beta releases in September and also when it is going to be launched.

The team at EA is trying their best to remove all of the posts of the game so if you want to watch the gameplay which has been posted by many individuals, well search for it on the internet and you will find the clips easily but they are going to be taken down by EA so don’t waste time if you want to watch the footage of the game. There is going to be an open beta of the game which is going to be released in September when you will be able to play the game by yourself and if you are going to pre-order the game then the user is going to receive access to the game earlier than others.

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