Canadian-American actor Brendan Fraser Tears Up Meet-And-Greet With Tiktok Fan

Brendan Fraser was moved as he saw the people on social media getting all hyped up about his return to major Hollywood as he is going to be coming back. one of the cosplayers at TikTok which is @LittleLottieCosplay has recently had a virtual meet and greet with the actor and the video has gone viral to another level, it has already gained a million views and still counting.

Brendan Fraser Interview

Brendan Fraser Interview Video

In the video, you are going to be seeing the 52-year old who has revealed he is going to be gearing up for his upcoming project which is Killer Of The Flower Moon, it is going to be a crime drama, the show is being directed by Martin Scorsese, the movie is also going to be starring Robert De Niro and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Fraser stated in the interview he is going to be working with Bob De Niro and Leo, he further stated he might be a little sick and stated he is a little anxious as he was biting his nails nervously. however, the interviewee told her, everyone is rooting for him and the whole internet is behind him and everyone is waiting to see him in your next venture.

and it was pretty visible as he choked up by this declaration as he took a sip of water after she stated that and was seeing trying to hold off his tears as he tipped his hat in gratitude. it is being noted his followers are growing on social media, if we talk about the year 2018, he was feeling black-listed as he accused former President of Foreign Press Association Philip Berk of a sexual assault in the year 2003.

he stated it felt like someone has thrown invisible ink on him as he stated this to GQ in one of the interviews and after the claim was made public, the HEPA promised him to launch an investigation.

It was stated by HEPA they are not going to be tolerating sexual harassment and the behavior which has been described in the article, they further stated they established a pretty positive relationship with Brendan, the reports have included alleged information, HEPA was unaware about this and as of now, they are investigating the whole issue in-depth to get the truth out.

Berk has denied the accusation but the organisation has apologised to Fraser. However, the star has been busy for the last few years with one of the TV shows naming Trust.

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