Canton Township Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested

It has been stated by the police department of Canton Township, there has been a robbery suspect who has exited the bank on Tuesday in the afternoon who retreated inside when the police arrived and he ordered the occupant to go out of the building. he then went on to surrender to officers after a short period of time which was started by the Canton Township Police in a release which they did on Tuesday.

Canton Bank Robbery

Canton Bank Robbery

The suspect was in the robbery at about 4:30 pm which was at chase bank at Ford and the suspect ran into the bank as the first patrol car arrived at the scene, which was the time when he ordered the occupants to leave the building. there have been o reported injuries in the whole incident, the incident is still under investigation and all of the information is going to be turned over to the Wayne County Office of the prosecutor which needs to be done for review. The suspect is under custody, for now, he managed to make all of the occupants run away and was in the bank for a while and then came out surrendering to the police.

The few customers who were at the bank at the time saw everything and it has to be said, they have had a once in a lifetime experience and this is something which no one wants to experience in their life, no one has been harmed and no one has been injured at the time, everyone came out safely. One of the men stated it was pretty intense, they got pretty scared when they realized what is happening on the bank premises.

The best thing about the incident is, no customer has been and the police also reached on time which is not the case in such times, the patrol car came at the right time which made the suspect worried, and thus the robbery was stopped by the authorities. also, the hard-earned money of the people has been saved by the authorities, there are not many details about the incident as of yet, we are going to be providing you with more important details as soon as they come under our radar.

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