Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant Punchbowl Was Threatened In The Street

The daily anchor who comes at 11:00 am at Gladys O’Clock has been the anchor for many in these times of lockdown. The infections have started shifting tp to Sydney in South West and the multicultural population is getting affected by it. Premier Gladys Berejikilian who is stated as the daughter of immigrants has appealed to the communities. Her ethnicity has not been enough as we go by the Facebook page.

Dr Kerry Chant Punchbowl

Dr. Kerry Chant Punchbowl

There is a resentment which is going on for the lockdown which seems to be getting delayed in lockdown when we talk about the eastern suburbs, the outbreak has begun there and this is going to be lockdown 2.0 for the front lines. earlier in this lockdown, everyone shifted their focus on Kerry Chant who is the chief health officer, she has presented her heartfelt appeals to the region and everyone was eagerly waiting for her to state what everyone has learned in a pre-pandemic world.

It seems like she is having pretty strong connections with the region, more than the Premier and the fisty Health Minister naming Brad Hazzard, Chant is someone who knows the region in and out, she has acknowledged the importance of the region. it seems like people have been waiting for her to say that she is from Punchbowl. There have been many lows when we talk about the lockdowns, there have been constant reminders by the Premier to avoid gatherings, the most testing was to cancel out the Eid Al-Adha which is a celebration which is done by Muslims having an emphasis on sacrifice, it became the most testing of all Eid.

It has been a slap in the face when it was learned, a misjudged Christmas which happened in the month of July which was at an aged care home became the reason for super spreading. and now it seems like Chant is having her own presence on TikTok as she is trying to connect with the youngsters who are probably not tuning in to her 11:00 am press conference and it seems like she is going to be spreading awareness of the Covid-19 there too so that many of the youngsters can know what is going on in the region and how much cautious they need to be in these difficult times.

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