CocaCola Lake In Brazil Is An Unusual Tourist Hotspot

Coca Cola Lake In Brazil Is An Unusual Tourist Hotspot
Coca Cola Lake In Brazil Is An Unusual Tourist Hotspot

Coca Cola is a beverage that has scores of fans across the world. Its fizzy taste and sugary cola flavour go well with practically any dish it is paired with. Indians too have invented many different food pairings with Coca Cola – whether it’s Chole Bhature or Desi Chinese food. But can you ever imagine swimming in a lake full of Coca Cola? This unique Coca Cola lake in Brazil has got foodies awestruck and has become one of the biggest tourist hotspots of the area.

Also known as Lagao de Coca Cola, it is situated in the ‘Mata de Estrala’ reserve in Rio Grand del Norte region in Brazil. The original name of the lake is Araraquara, but reports suggest it began to be called Coca Cola lake due to its unique water. This water lake is naturally dark-hued in colour, making it resemble the popular soft drink. Although there is no carbonation in the lake, the unique water of the lake is what makes it an unusual and bizarre tourist attraction.

The scientific reason behind the dark-coloured water is the chemical composition of the ground, which is said to be rich in iron oxide and iodine. The water is also surrounded by white sand dunes all around. According to Brazil’s tourism websites, the water is not filthy and is completely clean to bathe or swim in. In fact, some of the locals even believe that the Coca Cola lake has healing powers in it.

So, if you ever feel like experiencing something out of the ordinary – do plan a visit to this unique lake! What did you think about the Coca Cola lake? Tell us in the comments below.

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