Congress Dissenters’ Key Demand Accepted At Party’s Big Meet In Rajasthan

Congress Dissenters' Key Demand Accepted At Party's Big Meet In Rajasthan

New Delhi:

A key demand of the dissenters in the party to constitute the Congress Parliamentary Board has been accepted as a suggestion at the party’s big meet in Rajasthan. The suggestion now needs the approval of the Congress Working Committee, the highest decision making body in the party.

The decision to hold elections for this post, or to be constituted by regular members or nomination by the party president have been left for the committee to decide.

This is a key demand which will replace the Congress Election Committee that decides candidates for the Lok Sabha and assembly elections.

On the question of alliances with other political parties, the 137-year-old party wants to have state-wise alliances with various parties who are not aligned with the BJP.

There remains a big question mark on the leadership issue with no indication from Rahul Gandhi if he intends to contest the party’s presidential elections to be held later this year.

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