Congress To Continue Fighting PM Modi’s “Divisive Ideology”: Rahul Gandhi

Congress To Continue Fighting PM Modi's 'Divisive Ideology': Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi said Congress doesn’t believe in violence and is an “army of peace and love”.


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the Centre of not allowing the opposition to raise in Parliament serious issues related to farmers, the Pegasus controversy and corruption, and said his party would continue to fight against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “ideology that divides India”.

As the monsoon session of Parliament continues to be marred by frequent disruptions over the Pegasus issue, Rahul Gandhi, who was here to inaugurate the new building of Jammu and Kashmir Congress office, alleged that the policies of the Narendra Modi government were dividing India.

“I fight against Narendra Modi and we will continue to fight against his divisive ideology, the ideology that divides India,” he said while addressing the party function here.

Mr Gandhi, who was here on a two-day visit, said the BJP has launched an assault not only on Jammu and Kashmir but the entire country.

“They (BJP) are assaulting all the institutions, they are assaulting judiciary, Assembly, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha,” he said and pointing to the media enclosure added, “We have media friends here…But the truth that they should report, they are not (doing it).”

“They are being threatened, intimidated and subjugated. They are scared all over India that they might lose their jobs. So they are not able to fulfil their responsibility. This is an assault on the entire country,” he said.

He said dissent was not allowed against this government. “We are not allowed to speak in Parliament on issues like farm bills, Pegasus, corruption, Rafale and unemployment,” he said. “The assault is not only on Jammu and Kashmir, but on Tamil Nadu and West Bengal as well. The assault is on the idea of India. While the assault in the rest of India is direct, it is indirect in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

The Congress MP said his fight was not mainly against any particular person or even on particular issues like unemployment or corruption, but against hatred and fear.

“I fight against hate and fear. The difference between Congress and other parties is that we don’t hate anyone and we don’t believe in violence. Congress is an army of peace and love,” he said.

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