Date, History, Theme And Significance

World Biofuel Day 2021: Know The Date, History, Theme And Significance

2021 World Biofuel Day: Biofuels are renewable and biodegradable sources of energy (Representational).

As the fallouts of climate change are manifesting in the form of natural calamities and devastating ecological imbalances, the need for sustainability in all walks of life has only increased. In this context, the way humans approach and consume biofuel can have a lasting impact on the future, with regard to the environment. To drive home this point, August 10 is observed as World Biofuel Day. The day is set aside to raise awareness about unconventional fuel sources that can serve as an alternative to the more traditional fossil fuels. The emphasis is on the usage of non-fossil fuels or biofuels that enable cleaner consumption patterns.


August 10 is observed as World Biofuel Day in honour of Sir Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine. It was just one day before, on August 9 in 1893 that Sir Diesel, first successfully operated the mechanical engine with peanut oil. With this, he was able to predict the possibility of vegetable oil replacing fossil fuels as a feasible source of energy in the next century. To commemorate this achievement, the date was chosen to observe World Biofuel Day.


Biofuels are renewable and biodegradable sources of energy. By virtue of these qualities, they are more sustainable than their traditional counterparts. “Biofuel” is an umbrella term for any type of fuel that can be generated from biological material such as agricultural wastes, or vegetation including trees and crops. grass. The principle of biofuel is that it must be produced from a carbon source that can be replenished within a short interval of time. Additionally, biofuels have a lesser carbon footprint when compared to non-renewable fossil fuels.


This year, the theme has been announced to be “promotion of biofuels for a better environment”. The focus will be squarely on using biofuels in an optimum manner while ensuring that their adverse effects on the environment are kept at a minimum. Raising awareness of the availability of biofuels as effective replacements for traditional fuels will also be another important objective.

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