Ditch The Antacid And Naturally Strengthen Your Digestive System With Expert Guidelines

Ditch The Antacid And Naturally Strengthen Your Digestive System With These Expert Guidelines

Poor digestion: Healthy eating habits can help you improve digestive health


  • Add enough prebiotics and probiotics to your diet for a healthy gut
  • Drink enough water throughout the day
  • Chew your food properly for better digestion

Eating a good diet isn’t enough if the digestive system isn’t functioning to break down the nutrients and absorb them. That’s the reason why the digestive system uses almost 70-80 per cent of the body’s energy. Life coach Luke Coutinho, in a new Facebook live session, stressed the importance of our digestive system and how to improve its health. He reminded that many diseases originate from a poor gut or digestive system while you remain unaware of those. While antacids can give temporary relief, relying on them regularly isn’t the cure. The best way to ensure good health is a natural way to improve digestion.

Digestive issues: Follow these tips to keep digestive issues at bay

Here are some of Luke Coutinho’s suggestions on how to achieve it:

1. Eat natural food. Avoid or limit fast food and processed food with artificial colours and additives. Do not consume trans fats that are bad for the digestive system and the heart.

2. Avoid artificial sweeteners in food.

3. Chew the food well. The saliva contains enzymes to convert the food into further basic units.

4. Eat slowly and mindfully. Calm down when you sit to eat to help the body produce digestive enzymes. Stress eating leads to consuming the wrong food, while the body is unable to secrete digestive enzymes.

5. Don’t overeat. Acknowledge that overeating is a sign of greed. Accept it and change it.

6. Eat both soluble and insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre makes up the stool and insoluble fibres help in clearing it out of the body.

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Digestive health: Adding enough fibre to diet can help prevent constipation
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7. Never choose a fat-free or oil-free diet. Good fats are necessary. Consume nuts, seeds and cold-pressed saturated and unsaturated fats in moderation.

8. Prebiotics and probiotics are essential for gut health. These are found in apples, ginger, garlic, onions, yoghurt and apple cider vinegar.

9. Drink water to help better absorption of nutrients and clearing out of wastes.

10. Destress yourself. The more stress you take, the poorer your digestive system gets.

11. Exercise often as it will also help you improve digestion. But, don’t overstrain.

12. Sleep well to help the digestive system relax, regenerate and replenish itself.

13. Choose therapeutic fasting over fad fasting. When fasting, prefer only water. When dry fasting, consume nothing.

14. Set consistent meal timings to maintain your bio-rhythm.

15. Avoid smoking and binge-drinking alcohol for better digestive health.

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Watch Luke’s video here:

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Try these natural ways to ensure better digestion. If the issue persists speak to your healthcare expert.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine)

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