Hathras News: Retired soldier released on bail, abused himself, went to jail for killing neighbor – Retired Soldier Released On Bail Committed Suicide

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Updated Fri, 03 Feb 2023 09:29 AM IST

suicide symbolic

suicide symbolic
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The suicide by a retired soldier by shooting himself in Kalwari village of Kotwali Sadar area created chaos in the family. The post-mortem found three bullet fragments in his head. In this, two pieces of the same bullet are being told.

Retired soldier Ajayveer Chaudhary’s son Mohan Singh, a resident of Kalwari village, went to jail a year and a half ago in connection with the murder of a neighbor. He was released from jail on bail on 25 December. It is being told that late on Wednesday night he started creating ruckus in his house and then shot himself twice with a licensed pistol. He died on the spot. The police had sent the dead body to the post mortem house, where many people of the village gathered. After the postmortem, the police handed over the body to the relatives.

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