Himanta Biswa Sarma Calls Amit Shah Prime Minister. Not Slip Of Tongue, Alleges Congress

Himanta Sarma Calls Amit Shah 'PM'. Not Slip Of Tongue, Alleges Congress

Himanta Biswa Sarma called Amit Shah “Prime Minister” at an event


The Congress has taken a swipe at Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma calling Amit Shah “Prime Minister” inadvertently at a public event in the state.

BJP leaders have said it was a slip of tongue, but the Congress refuses to believe that.

Mr Sarma, speaking in Assamese at the event, welcomed “Prime Minister Amit Shah” and “Home Minister Narendra Modi” as he addressed the crowd of hundreds sitting under a large tent.

The Assam Congress in a post on its official Facebook page alluded to Mr Sarma calling Amit Shah “Prime Minister” as a deliberate act, and drew parallels with an Assam MP who used to call Mr Sarma “Chief Minister” when Sarbananda Sonowal was the Chief Minister. At that time Mr Sarma was a minister in the Assam government.

Mr Sarma became Chief Minister eventually after the BJP won the Assam elections again.

“When Sri Sarbananda Sonowal Ji was the Chief Minister of Assam, Tezpur MP Sri Pallab Lochan Das had on several occasions referred to Cabinet Minister Sri Himanta Biswa Sarma  Ji as the Chief Minister of Assam in public! Is the incumbent CM doing a Das? Has BJP decided on its next PM?” the Congress said in its Facebook post.

“Or a campaign has been launched to promote Amit Shah Ji as the PM replacing Narendra Modi Ji? Going by Das’ example, it doesn’t appear to be a slip of tongue?” the Assam Congress said on the Facebook post.

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