Hospital Acts On Breast Surgeon Charged With Indecent Filming!!

There has been an unusual case of a doctor who is a breast surgeon, he has been charged with indecent filming and has been released on a bail with a clause that he is going to immediately stop working as a doctor. Ho Keun Shin is the name of the doctor and he is also known as Peter Shin, he has been charged with two counts when it comes to indecent filming which happened between 21st July and 4th August and the case is coming from Toorak Gardens. Dr Shin has been part of the Institute of Breast and Endocrine centre since last year when he first started off in January at Toorak Gardens.

Peter Shin Breast Surgeon

Peter Shin Breast Surgeon

He is at the age of 45 years and is also on the board when it comes to Burnside War Memorial Hospital and is also a member of the private hospital at the clinical advisory committee. he has been also a visiting specialist when we talk about the Breast and Endocrine Surgical unit which he is at the public flinders medical centre. He was arrested last night at Beaumont and was taken into custody until the court appearance in the afternoon.

John Fahey who was the magistrate in his case has released him on bail with the clause that he is not going to be practising as a doctor anymore and he has kept him under supervision, the department for correctional services are going to be looking after it. he is not allowed to attend his places where he is employed and he has been told to not to have any kind of contact with the victim in the situation.

it has been further stated by the court of Adelaide, one of the victims is still not identified, the matter is going to be returning to court in the month of September. He is not allowed to state about the victims to anyone and he cannot talk about the patients who have been the victim in the whole scenario.

He didn’t say much about the situation when he was asked, it seems like police are investigating the whole situation as of this point and there has also been a statement by Burnside War Memorial hospital as they stated the decision about Dr Shin’s position is going to be made shortly.

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