How Did Murdock and 12 O’Clock Dies? Rapper’s Murdock and 12 O’Clock Death Cause Revealed!

There has been a demise of two rappers naming 12 O’Clock and Murdock, the real name of the artists are David Turner who is 45 years old, and Odion Turner who is 42 years old. The debut of Brooklyn Zu featured on an album by Wu-Tang who is a member of Ol’Dirty Batard which was released in the year 1995. The medical examiner at the Oregan state has determined, both of the men have died because of the wounds from the gunshot and ruled their deaths as homicides which have been started by the Portland Police.

Murdock and 12 O'Clock

How Did Murdock and 12 O’Clock Dies?

The shooting that took place at 5:30 am which happened on Tuesday, there are four other people who got injured in the shooting which includes a person who got injured in the shooting, also includes a person who is at the hospital having major injuries have been stated by the police. the son of the late Wu-Tang rap legend naming Ol’ Dirty Bastards has paid the tribute to the two victims on his official Instagram handle.

Murdock and 12 O’Clock Death Cause

He stated in the post, they were his father’s tightest types of blood, he further stated his two cousins have just gotten assassinated, there has been a surveillance video which has shown, there have been more than 20 gunshots and a car was seen speeding away from the scene after shooting the men. It has been stated by Stephon Turner who is the brother of Odion, the victims were in an RV trailer as some people knocked on the front door and he was asking for a cigarette.

It has been reported Murdock opened the door and the stranger started firing shots, it has been stated by Stephon Turner, he believes the double killings have been motivated because of greed, jealousy, hate, and lust. Cases like these have become so common and it seems like the authorities are on their toes as this has become a trend now, gang wars are so common these days and this needs to be contained by the authorities as it is high time, there have been so many killing which has been seen.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the lost souls and we hope both the souls receive peace, authorities are too irritated by these killings and it seems like they are going to going through a dedicated investigation as the situation is getting worse day by day.

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