How Did Siti Sarah Dies? Malaysian singer Siti Sarah Death Cause Revealed!

There has been a sad demise of the popular singer Siti Sarah Raisuddin who has died because of the Covid-19 complications and this has happened days after she gave birth to her fourth child. it has been stated by the New Strait times, Shuib Sepathu who is a comedian by profession and is the husband of the lost soul, managed to have a video call with her before she died. It has been stated by the comedian the children saw her in tears as they were on the call with their mother.

Siti Sarah

How Did Siti Sarah Dies?

He stated he was able to pull off a video call because of the nurses and doctors which was the last time all of the kids and him laid eyes on her while she was alive. at the time she was in tears which were down her cheeks as if she was understanding what all of us were telling her, he further stated he went to the hospital to see her but the authorities didn’t allow him. He further stated it is going to be really challenging for him to announce the death of her to the kids, he further stated she is going to be buried right beside her mother.

Siti Sarah Death Cause

He stated when we talked about death at some point in time, she told her she wants to be buried next to her mother and he further stated, the name of the newborn baby is going to be Ayash Affan. he further stated she has gifted him with Ayash Affan who was born on Friday, she was fighting hard to save the baby, the name of the baby was her choice, she read through the meaning of the name and he stated it is related to a fighter in the Gaza region.

She is a really popular star in the Philippines and it seems like her fans are giving outpouring love to the singer and are in total despair as she had her whole life in front of her, she had kids to take care of and so many memories which she has missed with the kids and her husband. It is really saddening to see that she has died an untimely death. our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the lost soul and we truly hope her soul receives peace.

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