How Does Snapchat Know Where I Was Born? New update explained!

Social media became an important and essential part of our daily life and every single person is available on social media platforms. Social platforms are like a tool who connect the world and people together. Most of the people use to share their each and single detail on social media in fact some are so habitual or we can say addictive towards these platforms that they use to share their every moment whether it’s happy or sad. You guys know very well that after making our account and when we sign up there most of the platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the users have to give their all sort of information even before you have opened their profile.

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How Does Snapchat Know Where I Was Born?

Usually, this information includes user name, date of birth, sex, email address and sometimes the mobile number. Though Snapchat is one of the popular platforms, the users of this platform noticed that the app knows even much about them they accomplished, and it’s quite weird, to say the least.

Users Find Snapchat knows the date of their born place and time 

For the past few weeks, a number of Snapchat users found that the app knows some pretty personal information about their personal lives. IIf the users go into their settings, it shows the exact time and location of the birth of the users. Quite Scary, right? Users of Snapchat have been taking the Twitter platform to discuss their shocking findings, and everyone emerged to be quite confused.

One user made a tweet in which he wrote, “How on the earth does Snapchat know that what was the exact time of my birth? I AM FREAKED OUT.”

Another user wrote, “Someone told me that Snapchat knows the exact time when I was born.”

One more person added, “Nah what the f*** how does this stupid app know the exact time of my birth and even the location.”

Snapchat Know but how?

So now the question is how does Snapchat know the exact time and location of the birth of users? Well sorry, guys to break it to you the reason behind this due to the information you entered at the time of sign up. It is the part of a feature called “Astrological Profiles” that was introduced in the year 2020. In order to set up the Astrological Profile, the users had to enter their date, time, and place of birth.

Then the user was able to see a whole wealth of detail related to the star sign including a daily horoscope, described the personality traits and information about the moon, rising signs, and sun. It means Snapchat has not accessed the top secrets about the birth of users and there is nothing wrong with this.

How the user can Remove Their Date, Time and Place of Their Birth

Okay, so all those who want to remove their information and looking to get rid of it then follow these steps.

  • Open your Snapchat app and then click on your Bitmoji which is available in the top left-hand corner to get access to your profile
  • Then, click the cog symbol in the right-hand corner to open the settings
  • Now click on “Birthday”
  • Now the users will see a subheading called “My Astrological Birthday”. Next to it, there will be the symbol “X”.
  • Then click on the symbol “X” and remove the information from Snapchat.

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