Pipeline Burst in Guwahati Causes Massive Water Gush, 1 Dead, 30 Injured

We feel sad to share that due to the bursting pipeline in Guwahati, one person died and many people were injured. This breaking news is coming from Guwahati. This news is circulating on the social media platform and getting a lot of attention. People have many quarries regarding this news. This news made huge controversy after this fatal incident. Now, the locals want to know who is responsible for this accident. Is it happened due to improper work of the government? How many people were injured? If you want to know the complete information regarding this news so continue with this page till the end. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Pipeline Burst in Guwahati Causes Massive Water Gush

According to the sources, a fatal accident was seen in Guwahati in which one woman lost their life due to the bursting of the pipeline. This is a very sad and heartbreaking news for everyone. As per reports, the municipal body’s water supply pipe burst. The pipe burst in Assam’s Guwahati. Further, when this incident happened their local shoot a video of the incident and posted them on social media. This incident video is circulating on the internet. This video is gone viral on the internet. There were many people injured in this fatal incident.

Pipeline Burst in Guwahati Causes Massive Water Gush

Further, due to a massive water leak, several vehicles were washed away. The viral video is very horrific. The pipeline burst on Thursday in Assam’s Guwahati. It was a very massive water gush. In the burst, a woman lost her life. This incident happened near in Kharguli area in Guwahati. This pipeline is under the Gammon JICA. Now, the question is raised against Gammmon JICA. People are searching in huge quantities that how many people were injured so let us tell you that almost 30 people were found injured. Further, this massive water damaged several houses of the people.

As per reports, the pipeline burst due to the high pressure of the water. Almost 40 to 50 houses were damaged in this incident. Now, the video is gone viral on social media and people are commenting in huge quantities. The whole area was covered with water. The area looked like a flood. The police department released the identification of the victims. The woman who lost her life in this burst name was Sumitra Das Rabha. Many people are admitted to the Guwahati Hospital. Further, three minors were injured in this fatal water burst. If we get any other information regarding this news we will update you soon on the same site.

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