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King Charles recalled Nelson Mandela’s “special” nickname for his late mother during South Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa’s state visit to Buckingham Palace. Cyril Ramaphosa, who worked as Nelson Mandela’s secretary-general in the African National Congress, arrived in the UK for the first state visit of King Charles’ reign.

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Speaking about Britain’s relationship with South Africa during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, King Charles said, “During one of my own visits to South Africa, in 1997, President Mandela told me he had conferred on my mother a special name – Motlalepula, meaning ‘to come with rain’.”

“I have been reassured that this was a mark of the particular affection President Mandela felt for the Queen… rather than a remark on the British habit of taking our weather with us!,” King Charles added.

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King Charles and Cyril Ramaphosa voiced their mutual admiration for both Nelson Mandela and the Queen. Nelson Mandela, served as South African President between 1994 and 1999.

Cyril Ramaphosa picked up a photograph of Queen Elizbeth II alongside Nelson Mandela and said, “This lovely picture.”

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“You were lucky to have known both,” King Charles replied.

King Charles also highlighted the “links between our countries run deep, with extensive family, professional and cultural ties”.

“We must acknowledge the wrongs which have shaped our past if we are to unlock the power of our common future,” he added.


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