Vladimir Putin’s ‘fight Ukraine war or…’ ultimatum to Russian convicts: Report | World News

Thousands of Russian convicts are being forced to fight in Ukraine with threats of longer sentences, beatings or even worse if they refuse, a report claimed. Russia ’s prison colony population fell 23,000 in just two months as Moscow is desperately trying to fill huge gaps in its assault troops, The Mirror claimed.

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The convicts “were previously offered freedom deals if they joined the invasion, but the notorious Wagner Group of mercenaries, founded by ex-special forces colonel Dmitry Utkin, has switched to more brutal recruitment tactics,” the report said.

“Those refusing to fight have been left unable to walk or have disappeared, while those recruited are likely to die very soon after joining the front line as poorly trained, ill-equipped soldiers,” the report claimed.

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The recruitment drive has also been pushed in extremely remote detention centres in Siberia and Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Norilsk and Yakutia.

The report claimed, “According to information gathered from what is being said by relatives it is impossible to refuse, as if prisoners do they might disappear. Some prisoners have been beaten so badly they are unable to walk and are likely to then be given extended sentences and face a terrible choice. On the front line many are simply cannon fodder – shot if they retreat and likely killed if they advance.”

“So they are done for, whatever they choose,” the report said.


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