Kim And Brielle Biermann Friend Ethan Mcallister Arrested

There has been a hit and run case for which Ethan McCallister has been arrested who is a close friend to the Biermann family. The report of the arrest has been obtained by our sources on 12th August, Jessie Morris has also been taken to custody which has been carried by Atlanta Police Department which happened at the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport as he was arriving from a flight coming from the Dominican Republic.

Ethan Mccallister Arrest

Ethan Mccallister Arrest

He has been charged with felony and homicide, he has also been charged with a hit and run case which has resulted in serious injuries, the court has denied Morris a bond during his first appearance in the court. It seems like he has entered a plea as of yet, Morris attorney seems to be avoiding the media as he is not answering or commenting on the case.

As the news became public, Kim Zolciak Biermann has taken on Instagram with a heartfelt message. she thanked God stating Ethan and his family has finally received justice, she stated she is very grateful to the APD and every single one who has been ending her the videos, pictures, contact info, she further stated, she truly appreciates what she is seeing and ended by saying, going to miss Ethan and will meet again.

She has a daughter who is 24 years old naming Brielle Biermann is really mourning the loss of a family friend naming Ethan McCallister. on Saturday dating to 3rd April, there have been pictures that have been shared by Bravo stars on Instagram as they were expressing their heartache over the death of their loved ones. it has been confirmed by the news, Ethan passed away on 3rd April in the early hours as he got hit by a vehicle which happened in Atlanta, Ga, he was at the age of 28 at the time which is the reason for his untimely death.

It is sad to see some die so young as he had his whole life in front of him but because of someone’s irresponsibility, he lost his life and it is good to hear that the family and the lost soul are finally getting justice for what happened to them. Now the court is going to be punishing the guilty which is going to make the family pretty satisfied as the justice was due in the case.

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