Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, 12th August 2021, Written Update, Life-Changing Moments!

Hey lovely readers we are present here with another fascinating episode of “Kuch Rang Pyaar ka Aisa Bhi” of 12th August 2021. The storyline of the serial becoming interesting with each new coming episode and holding the interest of the audiences. So instead of wasting time let’s see what new we are going to watch in today’s episode. Today’s episode starts with Mamaji who is talking to Ishwari and tells her to not change the name of Aayush especially without the notice of his mother Sonakshi and his father Dev. He says it is wrong to change the name of a child without the confirmation of his parents.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi

But it seems like Ishwari is not in the mood to listen to Mamaji and tries to justify her action that Aayush is still connected and attached to his previous family and that’s why he is still not accepting this family as his family. If the situation is in his control and we asked his wish he will surely ask us to send him back to Mr. Verma and his wife. Changing his name is the only way to create his new bond with the Dixit family and I know this will surely help him to get attached to us.

On the other side, Sonakshi is unaware of this act of Ishwari, and when she is on his way to her office she forgets her important file and decides to go back home, and then she returned back to her home. She finds Ishwari is trying to change the name of Aayush. As she entered the home she watches that Ishwari makes Ayush sit for the ritual of name changing and she gets stunned with this inappropriate act of Ishwari.

Dev is still not aware of the act of her mother and it will be interesting to watch that what will happen when Dev gets to know about it and how he will react and will Ishwari be successful in changing the name of Ayush? Let’s wait and watch to know the answer to these questions.  Ishwari is trying hard to make Aayush connected with her family and that’s why she is doing all these stupid acts but she is not understanding one thing that this kind of behavior will affect the mental health of a child. That’s all for today we will soon be back with another update till then watch this episode of “Kuch Rang Pyaar Ka Aisa Bhi ” on the Sony TV channel at 8:30 PM and stay connected with us for more such latest updates.

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