Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Today Episode 12th August 2021 Written Update: Nalini Is Being Brainwashed!

We are here with the written update of your favorite serial “Kyun Uthe Dil Chor Aaye” of 12 August 2021. The episode begins with a great shock for Raani Saa. She will be going to line the truth of Vijender. As in the previous episode we have seen that he used to have a drug to Kaveri so that he can save himself. But Amrit and Kaveri use to know the truth and they both act like according to the plan of Vijender.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

So the next morning while everyone is having breakfast Ranni Saa asks where is Kaveri and why aren’t she is here in the dining. Then  Vijender tells her that she has been going back to her home as she becomes frustrated with the behavior of Amrit and Randheer. After this, we will see that Amrit comes there along with Kaveri Bua. She tells me that Kaveri Ji is here. Raani Saa gets shocked at how this can be possible as Vijender tells them that she left from here.

Then Kaveri tells the truth to Raani Saa and even tells her that Naman is Vijender’s and her son. And it was us who planned the death of Veer. She uses to tell the whole truth about her and Vijender to Raani Saa. She is in a huge shock and even heartbroken that her husband is ditching her for so long and she never gets to know his real face. After this Randheer goes to talk to her mother and he tried his best to handle her as she is disheartened and completely broken at this time.

Amrit also tells her that how it was all planned by Vijender and Kaveri other Rnadheer isn’t her don. But then Amrit clarifies to her that how Rmadheer is her won son and he loves her so much. Raani Saa tells Vijander if he wants my property so can tell me, at least I don’t have to lose my son. Whatever you did to me is all unexpected and heartbreaking.

But I will not be going to leave you. After this, she will be seen register an FIR against him. After this, we will also witness that Raani Saa release Namn from jail and tell him that he is also a part of the haveli now. Kaveri also feels bad for wherever she had been planned against Raani Saa and Veer. Watch the full episode on Sony Tv.

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